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Judo Chump: Nicolas Cage subdues Motley Crue's Vince Neil w/unique submission move

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Late yesterday afternoon in Las Vegas, Motley Crue frontman, Vince Neil allegedly assaulted a female fan only to be subdued by none other than actor, Nicolas Cage.


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas has been a mantra practiced by many for years and years. That said, occasionally, things that happen in Vegas--and it's almost always the dumbest things--do make it to the public eye. With roughly 42 million visitors/year, there's plenty of opportunity to get caught doing something dumb.

The "City that never sleeps" was once a moniker reserved for New York City, but that has changed, and these days, Las Vegas is laying claim to that nickname, and I must admit, quite appropriately. Perhaps it is this constant, perpetual motion seeping into the body and mind that alters the psyche to the point of blowing through life savings, drinking well over the limit deemed excessive, and even resorting to random acts of violence.

Let's focus on that last bit: random acts of violence. In the latest act of Las Vegas dumbfoolery, 55-year-old hair band rocker, Vince Neil allegedly attacked a woman, grabbing her by her hair and dragging her to the ground, late yesterday afternoon. TMZ reports heroic actor, Nicolas Cage, swooped to the rescue, subduing the aging rocker. It should be noted that Neil is now the subject of a LVPD criminal investigation.

I'm going to give you a little breakdown of the action:

Vince Neil rushes in and tries to use his girth to push Cage out of the way. Cage adeptly secures an underhook, and with his other hand, grabs the back of Vince's neck, pulling him in for a tight clinch, whilst yelling in a gravelly voice, "Stop this shit now!" Finally, he used the sneaky, yet effective, "I love you man" submission move, and from there, it was all over.

Here's a clip of the video for your perusal: