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UFC legend Georges St-Pierre hosts new TV show about his true passion, Dinosaurs

Georges St-Pierre loves paleontology and the former UFC champ now gets a TV show on the History Channel about it.

Back in 2010, Georges St-Pierre revealed his passion for paleontology. Unlike most athletes, the long time UFC welterweight champion said that he doesn't watch sports during his free time. Instead, he spends it reading books or going to museums to learn more about dinosaurs and the like.

"Ask me a question about the Jurassic period or the Cretaceous period and I probably could answer it. Seriously, I’m into paleontology. That’s the study of prehistoric life," he revealed. "You know that the Tyrannosaurus Rex was found with feathers? Yes, feathers!"

"When I train, I love to take time off and fly to the Natural History Museum or an exhibition. I just love that," he said. "That’s why most of my friends are not fighters. Most of my friends are nerds like me. That’s why I have a hard time finding a girlfriend. I need someone to talk science with."

"I’m married to my work right now. But you never know. One day I could wake up and just do something different. Life is so unpredictable."

Fast forward to 2016, and it looks like St-Pierre has gotten what he wanted, as he used this break from MMA to pursue his lifelong dream. This April, the History Channel in Canada will release a minimum of two half-hour specials called "The Boneyard, with Georges St-Pierre".

The show will have the MMA star traveling around the world in search of these prehistoric beasts, all in the name of science. (HT: Fox Sports)

St-Pierre's adventures in the first two episodes will see him head over to Patagonia, Argentina to "hunt for the largest creatures to ever walk the earth – and the vicious beasts that dared to prey on them", to a "top secret triceratops burial ground" in the South Dakota badlands, and to the swamps of Alabama to come "face-to-face with a living dinosaur".

The episodes air on April 14, at 9 and 9:30 am ET, with repeat airings happening throughout the week.

Apart from dinosaurs, St-Pierre also once had a spirited debate with Firas Zahabi about a match between a lion and a tiger, with both men giving excellent points on why one animal would beat the other.