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New BE Shirts and Hoodies: Division I Panicked Wrestling Champion

Get punched, learn takedowns. Check out these new Bloody Elbow Shirts and Hoodies.

The most decorated panicked wrestlers in the nation compete for divisional supremacy every year. With these new shirts and hoodies, you now have a chance to represent the prestigious tournament on what has been long considered one of the core disciplines in MMA.

Panicked wrestlers start learning this lifelong discipline at a tender age of 18, when they can first legally join face punching as your prototypical striker. It's not easy learning takedowns after getting cracked in the head, but that kind of dedication is exactly what is needed to truly excel in this sport.

It's a tall task, but often times, it doesn't take much to trigger an evolution on their game. On certain cases, it may even just take a stockton slap or two...

Panicked Wrestling Design

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