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Ex-manager: If Fedor really wanted to fight in the UFC, he would have already been there

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M-1 Global founder Vadim Finkelchtein discussed his former client's recent comments about the UFC.

Esther Lin

For the majority of Fedor' Emelianenko's career, the Russian heavyweight was managed by the founder of Russia's original MMA promotion, M-1 Global. During that decade of dominance, Finkelchtein was involved in the infamous failed negotiations between Fedor and the UFC - something that fans are yet to forgive him for.

However, since Fedor announced his return to MMA in 2015, Finkelchtein made it adamantly clear that he is no longer involved in the legend's management. Though he remains friends with the heavyweight, he could not help but criticize his new management's approach to marketing fights.

Fedor's new manager has a unique approach to the promotion of fights," Vadim said. "If I know the place and the participants of the fight, I immediately distribute the information to sell tickets to the event.

"Why hide this information? Perhaps this is a new feature of some sort -- a new marketing approach to the promotion of the fight (smiling). I know this method is probably some kind of novelty."

Finkelchtein added that he was not particularly fazed by Fedor's latest comments suggesting an interest in a UFC fight against heavyweight champ Fabricio Werdum.

"I think if Fedor wanted to fight in the UFC, he would have already been there."

Fedor is scheduled to fight for RIZIN FF at some point in the summer.