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Teddy Atlas video interview: I believe in Timothy Bradley

Hear from outspoken trainer Teddy Atlas as he prepares Timothy Bradley to take on Manny Pacquiao this Saturday night live on PPV.

On Saturday night, when Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley meet in the ring, it will be the 3rd fight between two of the best in the world today. But it will also be the first meeting between two famed trainers. Standing in Pacquiao's corner will be his longtime trainer Freddie Roach, who has worked with Pacquiao throughout his rise to stardom. In Bradley's corner will be Teddy Atlas, who paired up with Bradley last year for the Brandon Rios fight.

Always outspoken, Atlas spoke to our colleagues at Fight Hub about the fight and his relationship with Bradley. Here's what he had to say:

They say this is the most important fight. Yeah, it is. But you know what was the most important fight before this? The Rios fight. Because without the Rios fight we don't have this fight. So every fight is the most important fight. It's the fight at hand, without that you don't go to the next step. We're not baseball players, we're not basketball players, we're not football players, and they're all great, but you know what? They lose a game, they play the next day, they play the next week. Not here. You're not afforded that luxury, so you better not look ahead.

On changes he and Bradley made to the fighter's style:

For whatever reason, in his later fights, he started becoming available for big shots. And we needed to correct that. We worked very hard to correct that, very hard. And hopefully it continues to show. I hope to God it does.

On Atlas's future with Bradley after Saturday night:

I'll always be with Timothy Bradley, one way or the other. Because I believe in him, and I care a lot about him and his family. He's earned that from me, he deserves it.

He also goes off on a reporter who asks about him about past criticism of Pacquiao. The entire interview is available above, and as it always the case with Atlas, it's worth a watch.

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