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Dada 5000: My kidneys failed and I had two heart attacks during Kimbo fight

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After suffering one of the biggest (if not the biggest) health scares in the history of this sport, Dhafir Harris returns to social media with a major update.

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There was much well-deserved concern for Harris after his bout with arch-nemesis Kimbo Slice at Bellator 149, in which he was carried out of the cage on a stretcher. It was later discovered that he had not only suffered renal failure, but cardiac arrest as well. The Miami native resurfaced today on Instagram with a post containing the usual requisite shows of appreciation and gratitude to supporters, etc - but also noted some interesting items regarding his condition during the fight and the aftermath of the fight. Unfortunately, the post has since been deleted, but we managed to nab a screenshot, just for you.

Dada's Instagram update

A screenshot of the recently deleted item

"To All My fans, Supporters, Haters, And Critics Alike. I haven't been on Social media due to situations Beyond My Control. (Not because of the outcome of the fight) Tune in to ESPN Dan Lebatard Tv and Radio Show This Wednesday @12 Noon. In my up and coming interview as I will put an end to all Accusations, Opinions Speculations, and Assumptions about the Fight. A lot of folks celebrities alike have jump to conclusions without the facts. Yes I trained very hard for this fight and I was in Fighting Shape.. But those who knew me they knew that something wasn't right by the look in my Eyes when I stepped into that ring. But Stay tuned for the rest of that shocking story (Coming up) But tune in this Wednesday @ 12 noon on the ESPN the Dan Lebatard Tv and Radio Show! For the 1st of many interviews from DADA5OOO! Yes I did have kidney failure during the fight I also had 2 heart attacks which I did code aka Died during the Fight. Glory to the Most High which saw favor in me to bring me back. which put me in Memorial Herman Hospital in Houston Texas for more then 3 weeks after the fight. Just to come back to Miami and to continue treatment at South Miami Hospital. Thank you all for your Prayers And Support I will make a full recovery and will be back Bigger, Faster and stronger than ever before that much you can Count On!!!"

Various questions can and perhaps should be asked of this update. For example, what would constitute "fighting shape" for Harris? Not to question him or his reputation, but he was noticeably not very mobile nor well-conditioned for the bout. Second - is he alluding to a return to fighting? A 38-year-old man that had not one, but two heart attacks during a fight as well as renal failure isn't something that most commissions would be happy to sign off on - and I should also remind you that Kimbo/Dada took place in Texas, of all places.

Would Bellator take him back? Furthermore, it's not unreasonable to make assumptions regarding a fighter's health when they come into a fight and have a performance such as the one displayed against Kimbo, which we should remind you didn't really end due to a strike, but falling back from fatigue after Ferguson whiffed a massive punch.

The post served the purpose of letting us know he's good and well for now, as well as advertising an appearance on the Dan LeBatard radio/television show where one can expect he will at least attempt to shed some light on the subject. We expect to provide more information when available.