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Pacquiao says he was misquoted: 'Who am I to condemn anyone?'

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Manny Pacquiao says his anti-gay remarks was misquoted in the interview that led to the boxing superstar being dropped from Nike. Hear Pacquiao's side of the story in this video interview.

Manny Pacquiao is currently promoting this weekend's big fight against Timothy Bradley, speaking to media as he gets ready for what he is claiming is his final professional fight as a boxer. The topics of his pending retirement, his work in politics, the previous fights with Bradley, and what he expects from the partnership with Teddy Atlas are big talking points all week. Also coming up repeatedly are Pacquiao's recent controversial comments regarding homosexuality.

Pacquiao spoke to our colleagues at Fight Hub about this issue, stating that he was misquoted in the initial interview:

That interview was a long interview, 5-10 minutes, and they cut it short. They misquoted the interview... I told them that I'm not condemning them, I'm not condemning anyone. In fact, I love them. Who am I to condemn anyone? I'm only a simple person, who am I to condemn them? What I'm condemning is the act. That's the correct interview, but they cut it.

Pacquiao created a storm of controversy in February when in a video interview he stated: "If men mate with men and women mate with women they are worse than animals." In the aftermath, Pacquiao was dropped by Nike, issued a public apology, and then issued (and retracted) a tweet quoting scripture that calls for homosexuals to be put to death.

Pacquiao vs. Bradley III is live on HBO PPV this Saturday, April 9. Bloody Elbow will have live fight coverage.