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Fox Sports host blasts 'dumb' McGregor: Millionaires lose to billionaires every time

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Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd rips into Conor McGregor for getting into a 'whizzing match' with the UFC.

Conor McGregor's hold out with Zuffa that got him off UFC 200 has been a huge talking point lately. One of the latest to weigh in on the situation, is former ESPN and now Fox Sports host, Colin Cowherd. According to the popular sports media personality, the featherweight champ is 'dumb' for trying to take on the UFC.

"Here's a rule for a 27-year-old millionaire. Don't take on a 50-year-old billionaire," he said on his show, The Herd. "UFC fans think this is Conor against Dana White. No, no no, no. It's not. It's Conor taking on the Fertitta family -- the single most powerful family in Nevada."

Cowherd then went on to reference McGregor's recent tweets saying he's retired and that he's back on the card, which were both false.

"A 27-year-old kid has lied publicly, twice," he said. "He's dumb. You don't do that."

"Millionaires don't get into whizzing matches against billionaires. You'll lose every single time," he said. "It's one thing to have a spat, but if I go public to defame my boss?"

"That's what I told Bill Simmons. Mistake, mistake, mistake. He wasn't taking on ESPN, he taking on (CEO) Bob Iger at Disney. You're going to lose that battle."