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'Harry Potter' actor to pursue a career in MMA

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Does Slytherin House have a ground game? Asking for a friend.

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Combat sports in general appeal to people from all walks of life. Every so often, combat sports tend to attract people from the world of the arts (the non-martial kind, of course). After the utter demolition display we witnessed during Mickey Rourke's performance in Russia, now we have another thespian taking the plunge into the world of competitive fisticuffs.

As Us Magazine reports, an actor known for his role in the Harry Potter films has now begun to dedicate himself to MMA.

Actor Josh Herdman played the character Gregory Goyle in the massively successful films, and after the conclusion of the franchise, took his experience in training Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and segued that into MMA training. The 28-year-old has been training for some time, and even recently had his first fight, which he won at welterweight via unanimous decision, against Polish fighter Janusz Walachowski, in London this past weekend.

After performing in all eight films in the Harry Potter franchise (Seriously? When did all of this happen?), Herdman cited a desire to move on to combat sports partly due to his background. His father Martin was a boxer and tried his hand at acting, as well. The actor also expressed his displeasure with the process, as he explains:

"I still have an agent and still go for auditions. It's just a little bit like playing the lottery for a living."

Seeing as how the entertainment industry is a fickle one, it certainly is easy to find yourself disillusioned with things if you don't find projects to work on. At least Herdman has the opportunity to channel his focus elsewhere for the time being. You know you've made it in the MMA world when you have a Tapology profile, and here's the one for Herdman. No plans have been announced for any future fights and he has no inclination to abandon his acting career.