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Coach: UFC 'going too far' by saying Conor McGregor can't fight on NY debut event

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While UFC 200 may be increasingly looking like a lost cause for Conor McGregor, in a recent MMA Hour interview, Conor's coach said that he and his fighter aren't pleased to hear they won't be able to make UFC 205 either.

It looks like the UFC isn't about to jump back on the Conor McGregor bandwagon. Following a dispute between promoter and fighter over PR duties in preparation for UFC 200, the UFC removed McGregor from his upcoming bout, and the fighter (briefly) announced his retirement on Twitter.

Now of course, Conor McGregor is no longer retired and last words from his camp were that he's still training for UFC 200. However all sings point to that fight not happening. And, unfortunately for his team, if Dana White's recent press conference addressing the matter is any indication, it sounds like McGregor won't get a shot on being a part of the UFC's debut in New York either.

The promotion is set to have their first ever show in the Big Apple on November 12th, at UFC 205. McGregor had expressed his interest on fighting at the event, and if he no longer had a fight booked at UFC 200, it seemed like a good opportunity. But, John Kavanagh was recently on the MMA Hour, where he discussed McGregor's plans at the moment, and how he and his fighter felt hearing that New York wasn't going to be in them (transcript via MMAFighting).

"That was hard to hear," McGregor's coach told Ariel Helwani on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "I really think that's going too far. [McGregor] was bold, but it wasn't anything that bad. If we get the slap on the wrist for 200, we definitely can't be put on the naughty [list] for New York."
"As an Irish guy in New York, the first card in Madison Square Garden, I think Conor would show up anyway and fight someone in a changing room if [White] doesn't put him on the card," Kavanagh said. "We have to be put on the New York card."

Until the ice thaws between McGregor and the UFC however, that seems like more of a pipe dream than a possibility.