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Video: MMA fighter tackles shoplifter in Albuquerque

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Watch what happens when a professional MMA fighter comes to the aid of a gas station clerk in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

A scuffle broke out this Tuesday at a Circle K gas station and convenience store in Albuquerque, NM after a store clerk confronted a customer he suspected of shoplifting. As the alleged thief cocked his fist to throw at the clerk, the aggressor was bundled out the door and taken down onto the concrete by a customer who swooped in between the two.

That customer was Saul Elizondo, a professional mixed-martial artist who last fought at Bellator 143 in September, 2015.

KRQE News 13 caught up with Elizondo, who moved to Albuquerque six months ago to begin training at Jackson Wink MMA Academy, and spoke to him about the incident.

"Honestly, it just happened so quickly. It was crazy," Elizondo told the local news outlet.

The bantamweight fighter also told KRQE how it felt grappling with the suspected shoplifter in comparison to what he experiences on the mats at one of the world's premier mixed-martial-arts gyms.

"It felt weird training with all these monsters here and grabbing this guy here felt like grabbing a little child, like I was playing with a little kid."

Elizondo left the scene before police arrived and it is unclear if anyone was arrested in the incident.