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McGregor follows up statement with tweet to UFC: 'Your move'

The Irish sensation tells the UFC to make their move following the statement he released on Thursday.

Steve Marcus/Getty Images

The Stone Cold vs. Vince McMahon/WWE Conor McGregor vs. Dana White/UFC saga continues.

Things kicked off on Tuesday when the featherweight champion announced his retirement on Twitter. Following the tweet, the UFC acted by pulling McGregor from his welterweight rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 200 and said that the Dublin-based fighter refused to fly out to a Las Vegas press conference.

McGregor responded with a perfectly timed Facebook statement, where he explained his reasoning for the retirement tweet and asked the UFC to provide some leeway for the exhaustive promotional work he's done in the past. According to the Irishman, he didn't refuse all media obligations related to UFC 200 but wanted more time to focus on his rematch with Diaz.

Although TMZ reported yesterday that the company snuffed McGregor's demands, the former two-division Cage Warriors champion sent out a tweet telling the UFC to make their move.

McGregor's long-time coach and mentor, John Kavanagh, also sent out a tweet asking the fans to make their voices heard.

Bloody Elbow will provide more news on the story as it develops.

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