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Report: UFC reject McGregor's statement, pulls plug on Diaz rematch

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It's been reported that the UFC have rejected Conor McGregor's terms for UFC 200 and pulled the plug on his welterweight rematch with Nate Diaz.

The UFC won't budge on their decision to pull Conor McGregor from UFC 200 despite the Irishman's lengthy Facebook statement.

That's according to TMZ, who reported earlier today that the promotion offered to fly McGregor to every promotional location on a private jet.

"Not only did UFC offer to fly Conor to every destination on a top-of-the-line private jet ... but also offered to ship out every single piece of his gym equipment from Iceland to Vegas for this weekend's media event so there wouldn't be a kink in Conor's training.  We're told McGregor was told his gym would be set up identically to his Iceland training center and it would all be ready to go the second he stepped off the plane. Still, McGregor refused to budge -- and our sources tell us Conor was "shocked" when he was told the media obligations in Vegas were mandatory."

The Notorious was expected to headline UFC 200 in a welterweight rematch with Nate Diaz, but abruptly announced his retirement on Tuesday. The retirement followed with the UFC announcing McGregor's removal from the blockbuster pay-per-view, stating that he refused to attend a Las Vegas press conference.

Since that tweet, which sent the MMA world into a frenzy, McGregor announced that he's still training hard for Diaz in Iceland but will not fulfill the UFC's exhaustive media obligations. The former two-division Cage Warriors champion argued that the revenue he's generated with his promotional work in the past should be enough to give him some leeway for this event.

Dana White and co., however, are adamant with their conviction and expect McGregor to return against Frankie Edgar or Jose Aldo to defend his featherweight title later this year.

"Dana White told Colin Cowherd he believes McGregor will fight for the UFC in the next year -- but our sources tell us it will NOT be against Nate Diaz. Instead, he'll have to fight Frankie Edgar or Jose Aldo."

Bloody Elbow will provide news when the UFC release an official statement on the matter.