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UFC Video: Dana White says Conor McGregor's 'window is pretty much closed'

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Dana White gave an update on Conor McGregor's situation, saying it is out of the question that he competes at UFC 200.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

UFC president Dana White said that he was going "back and forth over a few days" with Conor McGregor, until ultimately they made the decision to pull him off the landmark event in July. When asked if McGregor could still be returned to the card if he decides to take a last minute flight out to make the press conference, White said that wasn't going to happen.

"Friday is not the first day of promotion. All the fighters are here (in Vegas) right now," he told UFC Tonight. "This is UFC 200, 20 million dollars are going to be spent in marketing. The commercial being shot right now is over a million dollars. Friday is the first day, and he is already missing stuff, so the window is pretty much closed."

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"That's the big thing right now. It isn't whether or not Conor McGregor is fighting at UFC 200. It's been announced. We've said he's not fighting. It's not happening. That fight is off.

"The big question now is: 'Are you really retired?' If you are, that belt is vacant and [Jose Aldo and Frankie Edger] will fight for the title."

"If McGregor is truly retired, the belt is vacant. The other thing is, if Conor McGregor is truly retired, it would take him four months to come back because of USADA. You can't just say you're retired then not have random drug testing for however long you're out then decide 'I'm going to come back now.'"

Apart from the upcoming press conference and the commercial in Las Vegas, White says they were supposed to have a media tour where they go to Stockton and New York as well.

McGregor has yet to give his side of the story, or confirm any of the retirement talk from earlier.