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Georges St-Pierrre: I want to fight the 'biggest name'

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GSP says that a title belt is important, but he's more interested in fighting the biggest names out there if he does return to the UFC.

Fans have been asking the same question for over two years now - is Georges St-Pierre going to step into the octagon again to fight? It seems like he's leaning more and more in that direction of late, and an interview on The MMA Hour gave some indication of what he's looking for if he does make his return.

The interview was done before Conor McGregor was pulled from UFC 200, so unfortunately there's no insight on that, but he does make it clear that a title belt isn't as important to him as getting the toughest fights (via MMA Fighting):

"I'm gonna tell you something," St-Pierre said. "The belt is the title and maybe I shouldn't say that. Maybe my manager will be angry. Yes, the belt means a lot.

"I would rather be known as the best ever than holding the belt. If you're the best and even if you don't have the belt and you're the best, it's more gratifying. The belt is a material thing. It's good. I won it a few times. But I want to fight the best, the biggest name."


"When I do something, I want to do it big," St-Pierre said. "I want to be the best. I want to fight the guy who's the best, who's the biggest name."

GSP, who shared the three things that excite him earlier in the same interview, stated that he'll do a training camp to see where he's at before he makes a final decision. But his manager has been in more serious discussions with the UFC, and the 34-year-old might find himself even more in demand with McGregor's removal from the biggest card of the year. He hasn't fought since a November 2013 win over Johny Hendricks.