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Demian Maia: 'I don't have to act like a clown to get a title shot'

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Demian Maia believes his current win streak and overall UFC career speaks for itself when it comes to the next title shot in the welterweight division, as he prepares to take on Matt Brown at UFC 198.

Demian Maia
Demian Maia
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Even though welterweight contender  Demian Maia said not too long ago he would talk and do anything he could to get a title shot, he went back on his words during the UFC 198 press conference. This time around, he told Combate his win streak should be enough reason for him to get his chance and that he would not act like a clown in order to achieve it, a statement that does sound like more the Demian Maia we all know.

"I believe middleweight and welterweight are two of the toughest divisions out there, but it's too convoluted now," Maia said. "There's too many people with a real chance of getting the next shot. But I'm about to reach five wins in a row and eight altogether since I dropped to 170. I'm tied with Anderson Silva with 16 UFC wins, so I don't have to talk and ask for the belt. I don't have to act like a clown. I earned this title shot."

Demian Maia will meet Matt Brown at UFC 198, in Curitiba, Brazil, on May 14th. The event will be held at the Arena da Baixada soccer stadium and headlined by a heavyweight title fight between champion Fabricio Werdum and challenger Stipe Miocic.