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Video - Rogan reacts to Conor McGregor retirement tweet: 'He's trolling'

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UFC commentator Joe Rogan gave his thoughts on Conor McGregor's apparent, sudden retirement from MMA and he sounds kinda sure that McGregor doesn't mean it... maybe.

Conor McGregor dropped a bomb on twitter on Tuesday, March 19th when he left one simple tweet that read: "I've decided to retire young. Thanks for the cheese. Catch yas Later."

It was almost too cryptic a statement to be taken at face value, but as the hours have passed and reports have failed to surface of a joke or a hoax or some other explanation than the obvious, doubt has started to set in. However, at least one person, upon seeing the news doesn't have many doubts that it's not what it seems... sorta.

Joe Rogan was filming a podcast when the news hit and gave his reaction over the air. He started out pretty firm in his belief that McGregor wouldn't be walking away, but then gave a whole bunch of reasons why he might. Here's the transcript:

"Oh no."

"'I've decided to retire young. Thanks for the cheese. Catch yas later.' Conor McGregor? Aw, he's trollin'."

"Fuck yeah, yeah."

"Yeah, he's decided to retire young. Which means, like, 34."

"Listen man, Unless he got fuckin' head kicked today and knocked into oblivion, the idea that he's going to go out on a loss like that to Nate Diaz... Look he's got plenty of cash, if he wanted to retire young and step away... I mean, I guarantee you he probably made somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 million bucks for the Jose Aldo fight. He probably made more than that for the Nate Diaz fight. I would imagine, after he's spent a fuckload of it, he's probably still got a few million bucks laying around. He's a hero in Ireland, he could always make money, he could always run a gym and be fine. But, if I had a guess, this doesn't make any sense.

"The only reason why it would make sense, the only reason why it would make sense is Conor had actually thought about retiring from MMA before he got the call from the UFC. There was a point in time where he had some friends that were experiencing some serious health issues from fighting. And then most recently, that young man from... The Portugese guy died in an MMA contest which I think took place in the UK."

"I think he trained with the Portugese guy that died recently. It is entirely possible in that sense. But, if I had a guess, there's no way he'd do it like this."

What do you think? Is McGregor gone for good? Is this part of some elaborate ruse? Will he be back in the cage soon?