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Paul Daley and Josh Koscheck get physical during Bellator staredown

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Paul Daley was pretty agitated when he was given the chance to face off with longtime rival Josh Koscheck ahead of their July bout in Bellator.

It's no secret that Paul Daley and Josh Koscheck don't like each other. Ever since their infamous UFC 113 bout where Daley threw a late punch that got him banned from the UFC, they've been periodically chirping back and forth. Daley always wanted a rematch, but Koscheck was always with the UFC so that wasn't happening.

Well, they're both with Bellator now, so they'll finally get the second fight in July, in the O2 Arena in London.

After recently making the bout official (along with a rematch between Kimbo Slice and James Thompson), Bellator organized a face-off between Daley and Koscheck. And as you would expect, it got a little heated.

Daley pressed forward right away and got in Kos' face, who promptly shoved him. Daley had a lot more to say after that, while being held back by Bellator CEO Scott Coker. Amusingly, someone else is trying to hold Daley back as well but another person on stage keeps telling that person to let Daley go so he can do his thing. Sure, guy.

The two men will meet on July 16th, and I'm sure we'll see more of this in the future. Check the video above (via Daley's Facebook page) for all the hijinks.