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White: Ronda Rousey will fight for title upon return, likely in first New York event

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UFC president Dana White has laid out the plans for Ronda Rousey's comeback.

Anthony Kwan/Getty Images

Former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has been out of action since she was knocked out by Holly Holm in the second round of their main event fight at UFC 193 last November in Melbourne.

Rousey was given a six-month medical suspension after the fight, and was expected to make a return in time for UFC 200 on July 9th. However, these plans were pushed back, due to delays in the filming of the remake of the 80’s classic "Road House", in which she holds the starring role.

"Rowdy" did say that she wanted to be back by year’s end while still not giving any specifics, as far as her timetable goes. But during the April 17th episode of ESPN’s Beadle and Shelburne podcast (transcription via FOX Sports), UFC president Dana White shed some light on Rousey’s return, confirming that the company is targeting it for their first event in New York on November 12th at UFC 205.

"She's definitely part of the discussion (for New York) and she will fight whoever has that belt when she comes back," White said.

Current champion Miesha Tate is slated to make her maiden title defense against Amanda Nunes at UFC 200. With the outcome of the said fight still evidently uncertain, White has already laid out the possible scenario for the women’s 135-pound division.

"What's cool about that 135-pound division is everybody is fighting right now. The only one who isn't fighting right now is Holly," White said. "Miesha, she's fighting Amanda Nunes, who's very, very tough, so if anything crazy happens and she came out of that fight with a quick win, 100 percent healthy she could turn around and fight again and then fight Ronda."