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What excites GSP? 'A woman of course, dinosaurs, and the violence of the Octagon'

Georges St-Pierre let Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour know what the three things in life are that excites him: women, dinosaurs and violence of the Octagon.

Fighters live exciting lives, whether or not they deny it. Some will say that, other than training, they don't do much at all. But if you are a professional cage fighter, you live an exciting life, no matter what.

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre stopped by The MMA Hour on Monday to discuss the possibility of a return to active mixed martial arts competition. With that being said, he was able to sneak in a list of the three things in life that excite him.

"There is three things in life that excite me," he told Ariel Helwani. "There's a woman of course, dinosaurs and the violence of the Octagon."

While still on hiatus (or retirement) from MMA, St-Pierre recently launched his own television show on the History channel. The Boneyard premiered last week and, according to, this is what it's about: "The Boneyard with Georges St-Pierre sees the iconic athlete live out his childhood dream by tracking down the most vicious predators to ever walk the earth. Over two exciting half hour specials, Georges’ off-grid adventure takes him from the badlands of South Dakota, to the swamps of Alabama, to Argentina’s dinosaur graveyard, Patagonia, in order to reveal the truth about prehistoric life."

If you're in Canada, you can check out the first two episodes HERE.

It wasn't all fun and games for St-Pierre though. He also said he is seriously considering a return to the UFC and that his management has been in touch with the promotion.

"If I feel good, I'll give the thumbs up to my manager," St-Pierre said. "They've been talking with UFC, but now they're going to talk more seriously to see what's gonna happen."

There is one thing in the way: the notorious Reebok deal.

"It changed a lot of things in my contract," GSP said. "We need to renegotiate maybe a new contract. I'm not allowed to wear my sponsors anymore, and I lose money. It depends how it's gonna go down with the UFC. We'll see what's gonna happen."

St-Pierre stepped away from mixed martial arts competition, vacating his UFC belt, at the end of 2013 following a title defense over Johny Hendricks. GSP defended his 170-pound title consecutively 11 times, and is widely considered one of the Greatest of All Times.