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Noons and Riggs among latest fighters removed from UFC roster

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While the UFC does its latest round of website cleanup, it looks like two new fighters are on the outside of the promotion looking in.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Ususally when fighters get cut it's young guys with two or three bouts inside the UFC who didn't find success right out of the gate. So this latest round of roster trimming has been a bit of a surprise as it's come almost entirely from the longtime veteran ranks of the UFC.

We've already reported on Rafael Cavalcante, Daniel Sarafian, and Jared RosholtEdgar Garcia posted news of his UFC release on the Underground and Jonavin Webb confirmed his release not long ago on Twitter. So the new info getting passed along here is that it looks like KJ Noons, Joe Riggs, and Justin Salas got the boot as well. All three men showed up on the latest roster update from UFCFIGHTERSiNFO, as having been deleted from the online databases, and that usually only means one thing.

Joe Riggs made his way back to the UFC after 8 years outside the promotion fighting for Strikeforce, Bellator, and a long list of smaller promotions. But while he's still only 33, the signs of wear and tear have been pretty obvious in his return to Zuffa. He's gone 1-3 since coming back in late 2014, with two TKO losses and his only win coming via DQ against Ron Stallings.

Also 33, KJ Noons took a much more direct route to Zuffa, coming to the UFC as part of the Strikeforce buyout and integration back in 2013. His UFC run has also been a bit of an anti-climax however. While he picked up a couple wins in the middle, including a nice KO of Sam Stout, his overall record of 2-3 (1 NC) has told a more complete story. His last loss to Josh Burkman at UFC Las Vegas back in February was especially listless. Noons rallied in the 3rd round of the fight, but landed only 13 strikes in the first two rounds (and only 3 in round 1).

Salas is much less of a "name" in the MMA lexicon. The 34-year-old seven fight UFC vet has spent the better part of the last two years on the sidelines recovering from injury. His latest fight, a loss to Jason Saggo via TKO in the first round, brought him to 3-4 in the UFC and put him on a two fight losing skid, with both losses coming via TKO.

It's not surprising to see any of these guys on the outside of the promotion at this point, as it seems that they've all hit a point where they aren't expected to contend and in Noons' case, aren't putting on thrilling action fights anymore. They're also joined by Mike Jackson, although his release was expected, given that his signing was more of a promotional tool than anything.