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Video: Georges St-Pierre: 'I'm on good terms with the UFC, we're talking'

According to GSP, the former welterweight superstar is in negotiations for a comeback.

Rumors of a potential GSP comeback keep swirling around for months now. The former UFC welterweight champion recently fueled the expectations with a statement made during an NBA game. He spoke to TSN, and confirmed that he is in fact negotiating with the UFC for an Octagon return.

"I'm on good terms with the UFC. We're talking," St-Pierre revealed in the interview. "Everything is possible, but I don't know right now. I can't tell you everything. I have to keep some secrets."

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Georges St-Pierre has relinquished his title in December 2013, after six years as the undisputed 170-pound champion, and stepped away from the UFC for undisclosed reasons. He never actually retired, but also has never hinted at a potential return until now. While the above statement is not exactly a very distinct one, confirming on-going negotiations is the closest GSP has come to announcing his long-awaited comeback in years.