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Photos: BJJ blue belt Anthony Bourdain wins gold at New York Open

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Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain won gold at his first ever BJJ tournament.

Anthony Bourdain may be known for his cooking, but he recently showed off his chops on his other passion, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The celebrity chef joined his first BJJ tournament as a blue belt, and he faired well, taking gold at the IBJJF New York Spring International Open Championship.

Bourdain, who earned his BJJ blue belt in 2015, competed at the Masters 5 Middleweight Division and took home gold at the tournament.

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Here are photos from his competition:

First competition turned out okay!

A photo posted by anthonybourdain (@anthonybourdain) on

So proud of my husband @anthonybourdain! @ibjjf New York Open champion!

A photo posted by ottaviabourdain (@ottaviabourdain) on

Bourdain of course, celebrated his win with a nice meal.

Post competition dinner! Roast prime rib, chateaubriand, Yorkshire pudding, pommes Dauphinoise. #gold #dinnerofthechampion

A photo posted by ottaviabourdain (@ottaviabourdain) on

Bourdain is turning 60-years old this June, and finds time to train as much as possible despite his busy schedule. What's your excuse?