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Pacquiao vs Bradley 3 video: Manny scores 2 knockdowns in retirement bout

Manny Pacquiao defeated Timothy Bradley again. Watch highlights from the contest here.

Manny Pacquiao's third contest against Timothy Bradley, for the most part, looked much like the first two as the Filipino constantly outboxed his foe. This time though, Pacquiao was able to score with two knockdowns in the contest billed as his final bout. Watch highlights above courtesy of ESPN, and check out a snippet from our fight recap of the 12-round contest below:

Bradley did indeed come in as more of a boxer, showing patience in the opening rounds. Ironically, it was when he started opening up in exchanges and becoming more like the "old" Timothy Bradley that he had his moments of success. Still, as we have seen all along, even when Bradley connected, he could not do enough damage to hurt Pacquiao, though he did have one moment where he forced Pacquiao to clinch - Bradley's biggest moment in the series of fights.

The other big change here was Pacquiao's ability to really hurt Bradley, as Bradley hit the canvas twice in this fight. After no knockdown in the first two fights, Pacquiao was able to twice in the middle of the fight tonight land big shots that put Bradley down, first with more of a balance shot on the inside, and then with a big left hand.

Because Timothy Bradley is Timothy Bradley, he never gave up, and was going for the KO until the final bell, but he never quite made it happen.