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Pacquiao vs Bradley live results: Manny Pacquiao takes unanimous decision win

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Get the full results and recap here for Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley III.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The final chapter in the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley trilogy ended up ultimatrely looking relatively similar to the previous chapters. Once again, Pacquiao controlled the fight, and once again, he picked up the unanimous decision win.

Heading in to the fight, the biggest talking point about Bradley was his new relationship with trainer Teddy Atlas and how that would change his game. Bradley did indeed come in as more of a boxer, showing patience in the opening rounds. Ironically, it was when he started opening up in exchanges and becoming more like the "old" Timothy Bradley that he had his moments of success. Still, as we have seen all along, even when Bradley connected, he could not do enough damage to hurt Pacquiao, though he did have one moment where he forced Pacquiao to clinch - Bradley's biggest moment in the series of fights.

The other big change here was Pacquiao's ability to really hurt Bradley, as Bradley hit the canvas twice in this fight. After no knockdown in the first two fights, Pacquiao was able to twice in the middle of the fight tonight land big shots that put Bradley down, first with more of a balance shot on the inside, and then with a big left hand.

Because Timothy Bradley is Timothy Bradley, he never gave up, and was going for the KO until the final bell, but he never quite made it happen.

Post-fight, Pacquiao dodged questions about this being his final fight, while Bradley stated that he could not remember either of the knockdowns. The two men also made breakfast plans during their post-fight interview.

Full results from the PPV card are below.


Manny Pacquiao def. Timothy Bradley, Unanimous Decision 116-110 x 3

Gilberto Ramirez def. Arthur Abraham, Unanimous Decision, 120-108 x 3

Oscar Valdez def. Evgeny Gradovich, KO R4 2:14

Jose Ramirez def. Manny Perez, Unanimous Decision 97-93, 98-92, 99-91