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The MMA Prospectus: Regional roundup & what's up with Russia?

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Zane Simon and T.P. Grant are back to talk more about the best prospects in MMA with a look at this week's regional fighters and some of the talent from ACB 32 last week that seems to be on the rise.

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The MMA world is in a bit of a dry spell right now, which means the MMA Prospectus is diving deep into the regional MMA scene to try and find some of the best rising talent fighting in MMA over the next few days. This week we're highlighting Raufeon Stots, Michael Tobin, Sam Creasey, and Manel Kape, among others. We're also taking a quick peak back at ACB 32 from last week. And, because we got nice and side tracked, a look at what's up with the Russian MMA scene and why are so few fighters still making the jump to the US.

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