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Invicta fighter pops for diuretics, suspended by Nevada Athletic Commission

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Invicta flyweight Andrea Lee was informed by NAC that she has been suspended for diuretic use.

Esther Lin, Invicta FC

It appears that Invicta flyweight Andrea Lee is facing a suspension from the Nevada Athletic Commission due to a positive test for diuretics. MMA Fighting confirmed with NAC head Bob Bennett that Lee has tested positive for "canrenone and/or spironolactone" after her Invicta 16 bout on March 11th.

Lee (4-2, 2-2 Invicta) was submitted by Sarah D'Alelio in the third round of their bout that night.

The suspension is temporary for now, but due to much harsher penalties for positive tests that were brought in recently, the 27-year-old fighter could be facing up to a two-year suspension from the sport.

Lee took to social media to confirm that she was informed about the test, but insists she did nothing wrong:

She did say on Twitter that she took a "fluid pill", though.

The promotion put out a statement about the situation soon after it came to light:

"Invicta FC will fully cooperate with the NAC on the matter and supports Lee's right to due process.

Invicta FC consistently informs its athletes about established policies and expectations in regard to conduct, including the strictly prohibited use of performance enhancing drugs, stimulants and masking agents. This positive test represents a violation of those policies."

Lee will face a disciplinary hearing with commission at a later date.