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Werdum on McGregor: 'Fighters don't like him' because he 'disrespects our community'

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Fabricio Werdum explained why he cheered so much when Conor McGregor was choked out by Nate Diaz at UFC 196.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Fabricio Werdum is no stranger to making fun of his opponents, but even he believes the line must be drawn somewhere. When it comes to Conor McGregor's antics, the UFC heavyweight champion feels like "The Notorious" doesn't respect those boundaries, which is why he was so excited when Nate Diaz choked him out at UFC 196.

"It's very rare for me to wish for someone to lose, but it's what I felt and I wanted to share with my fans," Werdum told Portal do Vale Tudo. "He started his career well, promoting himself, making money and selling fights. Then he went in over his head. He could have stayed in his weight class, real quiet. But he decided to show his weakness to the world. He has no ground game. He's all talk. He was already exposed against Chad Mendes. At the MMA Awards, instead of talking about the award he won, he started talking about me, how I wasn't a real champion and then about Jon Jones. He said he would fight in all weight classes against anybody. There needs to be respect."

"There's only one way to shut him up -- by beating him, and even then he will run his mouth. He got here yesterday and is already disrespecting the old school guys. So of course fighters don't like him. I'm sure I speak for many fighters, because he disrespects our community."

Fabricio Werdum is scheduled to take on Stipe Miocic for the UFC heavyweight title at UFC 198, in Curitiba, Brazil, on May 14.