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Video: Jeff Monson on Dancing with the Stars in Russia

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UFC veteran Jeff Monson is one of the contestants on Dancing with the Stars in Russia. Check out the preview video below.

UFC star Paige VanZant is not the only fighter trying out her luck as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

Former UFC competitor Jeff Monson, a vocal anarchist and newly minted Russian citizen, is a cast member on the latest season of the show on Russian television. The premise remains identical, although the language, music and costume design are more suited to the Russian Federation.

For example, in his first appearance, Monson dressed like a Russian aristocrat from the Tsarist empire and twirled his way around his partner, Maria Smolnikova, in front of a line-up of judges. Their first assignment was the Rumba and it was a surprisingly impressive performance from the experienced fighter -- one that showed a wide array of emotions. Though Jeff could not converse in Russian along with the remainder of the cast, he appeared to win over the crowd, as well as his judges.

Watch the video above.