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Justin Bieber says Diaz's style is 'terrible', Nate responds

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Justin Bieber criticized Nate Diaz's fighting style, and the UFC star has since responded.

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Justin Bieber was rooting for Conor McGregor during UFC 196, and moments after the Irishman lost to a late replacement in Nate Diaz, the pop star took to social media about the fight. Bieber, who walks out with Floyd Mayweather during his boxing matches, said McGregor is "still the champ" and posted the following photo.

Still the champ

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

He then posted a video with the following caption: "No bandwagon but Conor is a true champion, fights with style and finesse, all the respect to Nate but his style is terrible. Nate has crazy heart respect."

"Still to McGregor," Bieber said during the toast. "He's still the champ. That broke my heart."

Diaz has heard about this, and has since responded by calling Bieber a "hater" and reposting this photo on instagram.

Biebers a hater

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Terrible? What do you mean? There's still time, Justin. Mark my words, it's not too late to say sorry now...