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Frodo, Holobaugh, & Dez Green set to compete in Russian MMA Grand Prix

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Chechen-based promotion Akhmat MMA will host an ambitious Grand Prix tournament this Saturday with an impressive line-up of Russian and foreign fighters.

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Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov's MMA hobby will attempt a new ambitious project this weekend when they host the first event of their Akhmat MMA Grand Prix series. The first show is set for March 12 in Grozny, Chechnya and will feature an intriguing line-up of foriegn fighters to complement the Russian and North Caucasus contingency on the card.

The first Grand Prix event will feature the quarter-final round of the flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, and lightweight tournaments. The card will feature the likes of WSOF bantamweight champion Magomed Bibulatov, who is a representative of the Akhmat MMA organization and fight club, as well as the likes of Desmond Green, Kurt Holobaugh, Frodo Khasbulaev, and more.

The entire fight card is available below:

Lightweight Grand Prix [Quarter-finals]
Desmond Green vs. David Cubas
Rodrigo Caporal vs. Shamil Zavurov
Alexis Mantykivi vs. Zurab Betergaraev
Ryan Quinn vs. Alexander Shabliy
Featherweight Grand Prix [Quarter-finals]
Magomedrasul "Frodo" Khasbulaev vs. Kurt Holobaugh
Marcos dos Santos vs. Khunkar Osmaev
Kevin Petshi vs. Salman Zhamaldaev
Alexander Matmuratov vs. Otto Rodrigues
Bantamweight Grand Prix [Quarter-finals]
Diego Davella vs. Abdulrakhman Dudaev
Diego Marlon vs. Said Nurmagomedov
Janne Elonen vs. Lemmy Krušič
Johnny Frachey vs. Luis Nogueira
Flyweight Grand Prix [Quarter-finals]
Magomed Bibulatov vs. Irmeson Oliveira
Chris Miah vs. Jarred Brooks
Oscar Dolcini vs. Yunus Evloev
Anthony Leone vs. Shamil Magomedov