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McGregor: If the fight was against dos Anjos, I would have 'come out victorious'

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Conor McGregor believes he would have been victorious had the UFC 196 main event stayed intact.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Following his first loss in 15 fights, Conor McGregor looked pensive as he contemplated the series of steps that led to the massive upset at Saturday night's UFC 196 show. His debut at welterweight was anything but a success, as he struggled with Diaz's height, reach, and ability to take power punches with ease.

However, despite the loss, McGregor is confident that he would have beaten lightweight champ Rafael dos Anjos had the original main event remained intact.

"If the fight was what it was supposed to be, I would have come out victorious," McGregor told ESPN's Todd Grisham. "It is what it is."

According to McGregor, had he hit a fighter like featherweight Frankie Edgar or the lightweight champ, they would have crumbled as his previous opponents did.

"They fall, 100 percent. Nate is a completely different fighter. "

McGregor suffered a second round submission loss to Diaz in the evening's main event. The finish occurred shortly after former champ Holly Holm was choked unconscious in the fifth round of her co-main event title fight against Miesha Tate.