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Fedor returns to the Netherlands for training camp before next fight

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Russian heavyweight legend Fedor Emelianenko is in Holland training for his upcoming, yet-to-be-announced fight for RIZIN.

Though not scheduled to compete on any of the upcoming fight cards (yet), Fedor Emelianenko is already in the Netherlands preparing for his next fight under the Rizin FF banner.

According to the former Pride Heavyweight champion's longtime coach, Vladimir Voronov, Fedor will remain in the Netherlands for several weeks while he prepares with his 'Team Fedor' teammates.

"Fedor started a training camp in Holland to prepare for the next battle," Voronov told F-Sport. "He went with a large team of athletes and they left on March 4 for training camp with the Dutch specialists, who previously helped Fedor. It will last about three weeks. "

Emelianenko will train alongside Vadim Nemkov, Kirill Sidelnikov, Anatoly Tokov and Valentin Moldovsky, who competed with him during the inaugural RIZIN tournament in Japan.

"The choice in favor of the Netherlands made is because there are a lot of sparring partners that are in this country, and there is the possibility of versatile training," he added . "There's a lot of great gyms and big fighters."

Here is a clip from Fedor's last trip to Holland in 2015: