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Nate Diaz: Weight had nothing to do with McGregor win, I was the superior martial artist

Nate Diaz responded to Conor McGregor saying weight was a factor on his UFC 196 upset loss.

Following his upset loss to Nate Diaz, Conor McGregor mentioned that he wasn't efficient with his energy, and that moving up all the way to welterweight played a factor in the contest.

"It's a bitter pill to swallow," McGregor said during the post-fight press conference. "I was simply inefficient with my energy. Usually, I fight a man in a division I am champion in, and they crumble under those shots. But Nate took them very well. The weight I think allowed him to take those shots well."

"It is what it is. It was me simply fighting a heavier man, and that’s it. He can take a hell of a shot. Him and Nick have that style. They can take it and remain in your face," he said. "I make no excuses. It is what it is. I took a chance. It didn’t pay off. I’ll be back."

McGregor also had a similar line on his Fox Sports post-fight interview.

"If I was fighting a man my own weight, 155 or 145, they're going to be KO'd from them shots," he said.

Diaz, a natural 155 pounder, addressed this during the press conference.

"As far as energy and stuff, I felt like I was the superior boxer. I went better on the stand up, that’s why he went for the takedown," he said. "Weight had nothing to do with anything."

"If I had a fight at 155, I feel like I could’ve performed better ‘cause I would’ve been on point. I would’ve had sparring. I would’ve had a good weight cut like I did on my last fight," Diaz said. "I had to come in on this fight straight fat boy off the beach in Cabo, but it’s all good."

"I feel like I won because I was the superior martial artist," he said. "Nothing surprised me, except that I got at hit at all. I think with a full camp I would’ve been flawless, but it’s whatever."