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UFC 196 results: Bahadurzada, Taleb pick up big wins

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The FS1 prelims of the UFC 196 card featured a bunch of nice finishes.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Siyar Bahadurzada defeated Brandon Thatch by submission (arm triangle choke), 1:55,  round 3

Thatch started well, having a decent first round against Bahadurzada on the feet. But Siyar came out in the second working a solid takedown game, quickly gassing Thatch out with the pressure. He easily took the second with that gameplan, and continued it in the third until he was able to pop out with a fight-ending arm-triangle choke. The win was Siyar's first in over two years.

Nordine Taleb defeated Erick Silva by knockout (punch), 1:34, round 2

Taleb brought it to Silva right away, shutting down the fast-starter with some nice feints and the ability to catch kicks. He also brought his own kicking game that arguably won him the first round. In the second, he caught a front kick and fired back with a right cross that caught Silva right on the button and put him to sleep. Here's the finish:

Vitor Miranda defeated Marcelo Guimaraes by knockout (strikes), 1:09, round 2

Miranda's striking was met well by Guimaraes' grappling-heavy game in the first, resulting in a close round. In the second though, Miranda took advantage of a Guimaraes takedown attempt by landing a bunch of vicious elbows to the head. Guimaraes seemed stunned, and then ate a monster head kick that sent him reeling backwards towards the cage. A few more punches followed and the ref called it off before Guimaraes even hit the floor.

Darren Elkins defeated Chas Skelly by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-27, 30-26)

This bout really was all Elkins. Skelly got off to a good start and hit Elkins a few times, but spent the rest of the bout defending the takedown and working from the bottom. A couple of early heel hooks looked threatening, but he was unable to mount much of an offense from there otherwise. Elkins did what Elkins does best - he mauled his opponent, giving them no space for their own offense and just thoroughly dominated. This was his second straight win.