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UFC 196 Video: Lawlor weighs in dressed as McGregor, Conor reacts

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Watch Tom Lawlor weigh-in with fake Conor McGregor tattoos for UFC 196, and see how the Irishman reacted.

Tom Lawlor has been known to have all these crazy gimmicks and outfits during weigh-in day, and UFC 196 was no different. One would think that the Reebok uniform deal could've put an end to all that, but Lawlor got creative as he managed to tip the scales dressed as "McLawlor".

Watch the clip above as Lawlor imitated Conor's look with cornrows and sticker tattoos, and see how McGregor reacted to it.

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Lawlor weighed in at 204.5 lbs for his light heavyweight bout against Corey Anderson on the main card. The featherweight champion in McGregor tipped the scales at 168 lbs as he moved up to welterweight against Nate Diaz.

Check out the complete weigh-in results, along with video of the intense staredown between the headliners here.