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Freddie Roach video interview: 'Manny's not prejudiced against anybody'

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Boxing trainer Freddie Roach talks about his star pupil Manny Pacquiao here, including comments on the Timothy Bradley fight, a possible Floyd Mayweather rematch, and Pacquiao's recent controversial comments.

Next weekend, the eyes of the boxing world will be on HBO, as Manny Pacquiao takes on Timothy Bradley in what is being billed as Pacquiao's retirement fight. In the final two weeks leading up to the fight, the media work from everyone involved is heating up. Here, Pacquiao's legendary trainer Freddie Roach speaks to Fight Hub about a wide range of issues including a possible Mayweather rematch, Bradley's new trainer Teddy Atlas, and his take on Pacquiao's recent controversial anti-gay comments.

On this being his last fight, and the option of a Mayweather rematch:

I'm hoping its not his last fight because I think he still has a lot in him and there are some interesting fights out there possibly. Could we get a rematch with Mayweather? I would like that because I was disappointed in the first performance. His shoulder maybe had a lot to do with that but I still wasn't happy about the way he fought that fight. I know he can do much better and I think he can actually beat Mayweather. He actually thinks he won the fight and I said "Yeah, maybe you did, but we didn't get the decision and that's what I want to see." I think he can do that.

The way both those guys spend money I think they both might need a rematch.

On Timothy Bradley's new trainer Teddy Atlas and the rivalry between Roach and Atlas:

Bradley has a new trainer and everyone's making a big deal about that, but I think he's more of a cheerleader in the corner.

I don't like him and he doesn't like me. This is the first time we're facing each other so it's a little competitive, but that's not why I want Manny to win the fight. It has nothing to do with Teddy Atlas, and I really don't care what Teddy Atlas does... I just don't think he can make that many changes and I do believe that once Manny hits [Bradley] he'll revert back to what he's used to.

On Pacquiao saying those in same-sex marriages are "worse than animals":

Manny's not prejudiced against anybody.

Check out the full interview above and get more coverage from Fight Hub.

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