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Pacquiao vs Bradley video preview: Watch HBO Legacy on the Line online

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Check out the excellent HBO video "Legacy on the Line", detailing the history between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley, right here at Bloody Elbow.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Coming up on April 9, Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley square off for the third time to put an end to their rivalry. It's a match with a lot of backstory behind it, and a lot to talk about. HBO always puts out high quality promotional hype to get you ready for a fight, and this one is no different.

"Legacy on the Line: From Bradley to Pacquiao" highlights the history between these men, starting with their highly controversial 2012 fight. Interestingly, rather than focus on the megastar Pacquiao as he heads in to what is being billed as his final professional fight, "Legacy on the Line" shines the spotlight on Bradley - his is the titular "Legacy" being discussed. Here, HBO tells his side of the Pacquiao story, and it's a story worth telling, as Bradley details the depression and suicidal thoughts he had in the wake of the first fight, and how that drove him forward in his career. It's a great look into the lives of the men who put so much on the line for fans every time they step in to the ring, and a reminder of a fighter's humanity.

And of course, it does a great job making you care about the coming fight.

Watch "Legacy on the Line" below, or at HBO's YouTube page. And join us here at Bloody Elbow for live fight night coverage of Pacquiao vs. Bradley III, Saturday, April 9.