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Jon Jones spends first night in jail as a 'model inmate'

One down, and an unknown number to go. Jones is reportedly on his best behavior after spending his first night in jail.

Aaron Sweet/Getty Images

After his recent probation violation arrest, former UFC light heavyweight champion is reported to be keeping things together quite nicely during his stay at the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center in Albuquerque, NM.

According to TMZ, Jones has been placed in an area separate from the general prisoner population, possibly due to his recognition and fame, as it sometimes happens in cases such as this one. According to one official that spoke to TMZ: "It's for his own protection." Word of his arrival spread quickly among inmates and staff, as curiously enough, part of Jones' recent community service work was done at that very same facility.

It stands to reason that with his status, personnel would prefer to keep him isolated from the general population to avoid inconveniencing the staff of the facility as well as Jones himself by being crowded by others. Then again, the possibility that they may wish to avoid having an all-time great mixed martial arts champion with other inmates that may wish to provoke him is also there.

Jon Jones is slated to take on current champion Daniel Cormier at UFC 197 on April 23 from the MGM Grand Garden arena in Las Vegas, NV. The bout is still officially set to take place until further notice. He's set for a Thursday morning bail hearing at 8am local time.