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Following drag racing incident, UFC's Jon Jones arrested for probation violation (Updated)

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has been arrested for violating the conditions of his probation after a March 24th drag racing incident in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

One day after video of Jon Jonesheated confrontation with an Albuquerque police officer went public, the former UFC light heavyweight champion has been arrested for probation violation. TMZ first reported that Jones turned himself in to local authorities after a judge issued a warrant for his arrest following a March 24th drag race that netted him five traffic citations, which you can see documented in the official court records for the state of New Mexico.

This news comes just over a month after Jones got himself into hot water for driving without a license, registration, and proof of insurance. That particular traffic stop came after a police officer pulled him over for allegedly going 75 MPH in a 35 MPH speed zone, from which audio can be heard of the cop telling Jones he was "getting a huge break." Jones was later sentenced to 3 days community service. While that incident wasn't considered a probation violation, the drag racing case does appear to fit the bill as a no-no.

The UFC has not yet provided any official comment on the matter, although it's highly likely they'll be making one quite soon, as this probation violation could jeopardize the UFC 197 main event featuring Jones' rematch against Daniel Cormier. As Combat Sports Law's Erik Magraken notes, the judge for Jon's hit-and-run case noted in the sentencing that his conviction can be upgraded to a felony if he failed to meet the conditions of his 18 month, supervised probation.

As always, we'll keep you updated on the situation as more details become available.

UPDATE: Here's the UFC's official statement (per MMA Fighting)

"UFC is aware that Jon Jones turned himself into the Albuquerque Police Department this morning for a potential probation violation stemming from a traffic stop last week," the UFC said in a statement. "UFC has been in touch with Jones' legal team and will have no further comment until the organization has had appropriate time to gather necessary information."