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Diaz's coach says Nate 'dominates' rematch, still thinks McGregor is on PEDs

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Diaz's boxing coach believes that with a full training camp, Nate would easily dominate a rematch against the UFC's "golden boy" in Conor McGregor.

Nate Diaz accepted the late notice bout against Conor McGregor while he was taking tequila shots in Cabo, but the lightweight contender was still able to take the victory. Officials seem set on booking a rematch for UFC 200, and Nate's boxing coach says that with a full training camp, it would be much worse for the UFC's "golden boy".

"Well there’s no signed contract," Richard Perez told Submission Radio about the status of the rematch. "(Nate) just said they told him that he might be fighting again, 170 (against) McGregor. So I said, okay. So he’s planning on coming into the gym next week and start working out."

"When he’s in good shape and he has no injury, he dominates. He dominates easy," he said. "He stops people or he beats them. You know, they don’t have a chance. And McGregor had a full camp training, and he even moved up weight to get stronger. Nathan was out, enjoying himself, going to Cabo. You know, he’s eating and drinking and having fun, and they call him."

"So if it took him two weeks to dominate a guy that’s undefeated, that’s the golden boy, what do you think is going to happen in three months training?" he said. "McGregor’s never seen Nathan in really good shape, he’s seen him only half-ass. This is nothing. He wasn’t really in tip-top shape at all."

Prior to the UFC 196 main event, Perez also made headlines as he threw PED accusations at McGregor. He doubled up on those statements on this latest interview.

"Like I told you at the beginning, I said I’m not the one that really knows, but just by watching a guy to come up from 145 to 170, you’re gonna have some fat on you. Believe me, you’re going to have to have some fat somewhere. Around your waist, somewhere. He didn’t have any fat at all. He was solid muscle. So how are you going to build that much in two weeks and be solid muscle?"

"He was supposed to fight at 155, but he was already overweight. I know he was. When he found out that (Rafael dos Anjos) hurt his ankle, he called Nathan out at 170. So that tells me right there that he couldn’t get down to weight because something’s making him build up."

"Like I said, I’m not the one who really knows about him, but to me, I feel like he’s gotta be on some kind of substance, you know, to get built up," he said. "Cause he’s a little guy, and a little guy can’t get real bulky that quick."

Listen to the entire interview above, where Perez confirms that Nate had a cut of the pay-per-view, but should've earned even more for saving the show. He also says the damage on Diaz early in the bout, was from an old cut sustained from his last bout against Michael Johnson.