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Fedor open to Werdum rematch: 'I told the UFC that I would accept that fight'

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Former Pride FC heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko made an interesting revelation during a recent sit-down interview.

Since Fedor Emelianenko's surprise return to professional competition in 2015, fans of the 'Last Emperor' have been bitterly disappointed with the standard of his opposition. After being matched against a 2-0 Jaideep Singh in his return fight, it appeared as though Fedor was not interested in facing elite competition in the twilight of his career.

However, during a recent interview with EpicMMA, Fedor revealed that he is open to a rematch with UFC heavyweight champ Fabricio Werdum, and that he even informed the UFC that he would negotiate for that match-up.

"I would like to have a rematch against Fabricio Werdum," said Fedor. "I told the UFC that I want and would accept that fight."

While last year's negotiations with the UFC did not go very far, Fedor insists that the North American promotion is a viable option.

"I have been asked about the UFC a lot. Our doors are open and we are talking about it. Maybe it will happen in the future."