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Diaz willing to teach McGregor his ninja ways, Watch over 30 mins of Nate's interviews

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Nate Diaz did the media rounds, and had several minutes of interesting interviews about ranging from his win over Conor McGregor and various other topics.

Nate Diaz's UFC 196 win over Conor McGregor was undoubtedly his highest profile victory in his long career. While the Diaz brothers have always been big fan favorites, Nate says the most notable change apart from his paycheck, has just been how much extra media attention he's been getting lately.

Nate was featured on Extra recently, where he showed more of the lighter side of his personality. On Wednesday, he displayed more of that other side we don't see during fight week or in the cage, as he just completed doing media rounds in the Fox Sports studios. There were over 30 minutes of content from several of these interviews, and you can watch it all right here.

On the clip above, Nate joins Jay and Dan again, and Diaz joked he was going to slap these hosts for laughing during their infamous interview with Conor after the weigh-in scuffle. Diaz also says he initially thought he was talking to Chael Sonnen who was just instigating things at the time.

Below is Nate's appearance on UFC Tonight with Michael Bisping and Kenny Florian, where he spoke about a potential rematch with McGregor.

Here's a separate segment from UFC Tonight, where Diaz answers fan questions and says he's willing to teach McGregor his American Ninja ways.

Here's a short clip where Diaz jokes around that the UFC might not want to pay him after beating their golden boy.

That segment was just a part of this longer 18 minute interview with The Buzzer. Watch it below:

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Posted by UFC on FOX on Wednesday, March 23, 2016