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Rutten on Ronda Rousey: Holly Holm rematch is 'more important' than UFC title

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'Inside MMA' host Bas Rutten believes that revenge should be the top priority for Ronda Rousey instead of chasing after the championship.

The longterm future of Ronda Rousey is still up to debate within the MMA world, with no one quite sure who is next for her, and what will happen beyond that. 'Inside MMA' host and MMA legend, Bas Rutten, does not believe the naysayers and says that she will be back, and mainly to finish what she started with the person that gave her the first loss in her pro MMA career, Holly Holm.

"Rousey, you know, a lot of people already think she is not going to fight anymore. You know, her ex-coach Jimmy Pedro, the judo coach, said right away, ‘I know her, she is not going to want to fight anymore.’ So these things are coming from people very close to her, then you know, you almost start to believe that."

Bas does not believe that she will hang up the gloves anytime soon, and thinks that this setback will fire her up more than ever.

"I see a highly competitive Ronda Rousey, I always see that person. She can not let things go. Somebody says something bad, she can not let it go, but that is all because she is highly competitive. With that said, if she is highly competitive, she is going to have to fight, and she is going to have to fight both fights."

"More important for her is the Holly Holm fight, that is most important. Winning or losing doesn’t matter. Not even a title fight with Miesha Tate. She beat her twice, can she do it again? We are going to find out because she had a big dip as well in her career. But the fight that for her is the most important one is to fight Holly Holm."

"So if she can face Tate right now, and let’s say she wins that fight, she will have to fight Holly Holm. Let’s say she fights Tate and Tate beats her, I think also she still is going to have to fight Holly Holm. I truly believe for her own peace of mind, that will be the best, otherwise she is going to grow old and realize she made a mistake. She should have done that sooner and now she is not capable of doing that anymore and it is going to haunt her."

This Friday, March 25, check out Bas Rutten and his new co-host, Mauro Ranallo, on "Inside MMA" on AXS TV.

If you want to hear the full interview I did with Bas, where we also discuss the future of Ronda Rousey in MMA, what is next for Conor McGregor, his thoughts on Jon Jones VS Daniel Cormier 2, and much more, check out the video below.