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UFC Brisbane results and video: Matthews finishes Case with a last minute choke

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Here are the results of the first four main card fights for UFC Brisbane: Hunt vs. Mir.

Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

The UFC is back in Australia with a big FS1 card, headlined by heavyweights Mark Hunt and Frank Mir. The main card saw four other fights outside of the co-main and main event, featuring a lightweight tilt between Jake Matthews and Johnny Case. Here's how those fights played out.

Jake Matthews def. Johnny Case via submission (rear naked choke) at of Round 3

In a very competitive first round, both Case and Matthews kept the fight on the feet, exchanging bombs. Matthews was able to land a couple of solid punches that backed up Case, who also landed a really good counter punch late in the round. In the middle of the second round Matthews landed a hard body shot that hurt Case badly. Case immediately looked for the takedown but got stuck in a triangle attempt. Case was able to shake off Matthews legs and land some ground and pound on top. Matthews landed another body shot that hurt Case, who shot and completed another takedown. In the third round Matthews continued to punish the body of Case. He eventually got the back of Case on a failed takedown and sunk in a rear naked choke for the submission win.

Check out the finish here:

Daniel Kelly def. Antonio Carlos Junior via TKO (punches) at 1:36 of Round 3

The first round was as one-sided of a round as you can get without almost finishing someone. Carlos Junior got the early takedown and quickly moved to the back of Kelly where he remained for the rest of the round.  Kelly was able to mount some offense in the second round, stopping a takedown and punishing him with hammer fists. In a weird moment towards the end of the round, Carlos Junior rolled his ankle and fell to the ground, but stood up looking fine.  In the third round, Kelly landed an awkward front kick to Carlos Junior's face and followed up with a ton of ground and pound to get the finish. A huge upset win for Kelly.

Steve Bosse def. James Te Huna by KO (punch) at 0:52 of Round 1

Less than a minute into the fight and Bosse knocks Huna into another dimension. As the classy Canadian that he is, he doesn't follow up with punches.

*Video is Geo-Blocked in certain countries*

Bec Rawlings def. Seo Hee Ham via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

In the first round it was a battle of speed against power, with Rawlings landing the harder punches throughout the round, but Ham landing more often. The second round saw Rawlings take the fight to the floor with a trip. Rawlings attempted several submissions on the ground, even taking her back, but Ham was able to defend and get back to her feet. A sloppy takedown from Rawlings in the beginning of the third led to her defending a triangle choke for a minute. Rawlings was able to get back up and the two fighters clinched against the fence for the rest of the round.