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Tweet of the Day: Nate Diaz responds to fan who asks 'Are you high right now?'

The UFC held a Twitter Q&A session with Nate Diaz on Wednesday, and one fan just couldn't resist asking the magical question, "Are you high right now?"

The UFC is running Twitter Q&As for some of the feature fighters on UFC 196, and Nate Diaz answered a selection of the top questions from fight fans. For instance, we know that his favorite boxers to watch include Mike Tyson, Roy Jones, Ricardo Mayorga, and Roberto Duran, Tupac is his favorite rapper of all-time, and he likes Julie Kedzie's dog Bailey.

Diaz's Q&A session closed with what can only be described as the perfect question to ask a Diaz brother. Andrew Cartright simply asked, "Are you high right now?"

Nate's response, which came at 2:29 PM ET, was a simple, "Andrew, whaddup? At the moment, I am not."

Well that's reassuring to know. As a reminder to everyone, NAC doesn't test for marijuana out-of-competition, but anyone who is busted in-competition is subject to an 18 month suspension. Nick Diaz has had his issues over the years with the NAC, but Nate has never failed a drug test in his entire career.

Here are the rest of the highlights from the Q&A.