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UFC 197: Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier continue trading insults about drugs, belts

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Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier have continued to trade barbs online, and apparently it's not just Jones deleting stuff now.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier are set to rematch on UFC 197, and the two light heavyweights have continued to trade barbs online. Most recently, they've gone back and forth trading online memes to take jabs at each other.

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Cormier has responded after seeing this a few days later, saying "we are doing these now! This is gonna be fun! #gameon happy my family has been watching how'd I let this slip thru the cracks lol"

He sent out a meme of his own:

The latest in this string of weird exchanges comes from Jones, who sent out another meme on Tuesday night:

DC then took a page from Jones' playbook by tweeting and deleting. Here's his last meme that has since been erased (HT: David St. Martin):

Jones has sent out a video response from instagram saying, "Another drug joke. Very clever. That must have took a lot of thinking. Hey, I got a clever idea. How about this weekend, we all pretend that you’re the actual light heavyweight champion of the world. And I’ll let you hold my belt."

Before they first fought, they were trading blows instead of memes.