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UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs Mir - live results, play by play, discussion

Live results and blow-by-blow updates for tonight's UFC event from down under featuring heavyweights Mark Hunt and Frank Mir.

Join us tonight for live results and play-by-play as UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs. Mir takes place from the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Brisbane, Australia.

Battle-hardened heavyweights Mark Hunt and Frank Mir headline the event while welterweights Hector Lombard and Neil Magny square off in the co-main. Also on the six-fight featured roster: Johnny Case vs. Jake Matthews (lightweight), Antonio Carlos Junior vs. Daniel Kelly (middleweight), Steve Bosse vs. James Te Huna (light-heavyweight) and Seo Hee Ham vs. Bec Rawlings (women's strawweight).

Live play-by-play will commence with the opening bouts on UFC Fight Pass at 7 p.m. ET. The full lineup and schedule follows. Check out this week's MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on each match up.

Main Card
(Fox Sports 1, 10 p.m. ET)

Mark Hunt vs. Frank Mir

R1: Hunt opens with a big inside low kick. Odd, look-away level change from Mir. Mir dodges an uppercut and shoots a single but Hunt steps out and away from it. The pace slows as Mir maintains his range with jabs and footwork, albeit a bit awkwardly. Hunt just misses with a meteor of an overhand right.

Mir tries to duck under a combo to no avail. It seems it was only a matter of time: Mir ducks into a nasty right cross and Hunt bombs him with a walk-away KO.

  • Mark Hunt defeats Frank Mir by KO (punch) R1 3:01

Hector Lombard vs. Neil Magny

R1: Lombard comes out and gets in Magny's face, clocking him with a punch and dropping him 30 seconds in. Lombard swarms with vicious left hands as Magny covers up desperately. Lombard continues to swarm. Magny gets to his feet but Lombard drops him with another big punch. Magny shows he's still aware by attempting an armbar off his back. Lombard jams Magny on the fence and continues to maul him with short punches.

Magny regains his guard but his head is on the fence, limiting his mobility. Now some left elbows from Lombard on top. Magny hangs tough, weathering the storm and getting to his feet. They clinch and Lombard switches to a body lock. Magny lands a jump knee to the head to back Lombard off. Magny flings a jab and shoots a double that Lombard easily stuffs. 10-8 Lombard.

R2: Magny throws a front snap kick, then glances with a left after a quick clinch exchange. Busy jab from Magny, and he follows it with a one-two and an inside low kick. Lombard lands an outside low kick. Magny clinches and goes to the Thai plum, landing two knees to the body. Now a quick right sneaks through for Magny. Lombard is now flatfooted and a full step slower than in the first round.

Lombard forces a clinch but he can't disrupt the base of Magny. Magnly circles off the fence and lands another knee but he's dropped by a left cross from Lombard. Open palm strikes from Magny off his back in full guard. Lombard stands up and tries to fall back for a sloppy leg lock, and Magny easily yanks his foot and gets on top of Lombard. Magny passes to full mount with blinding quickness, then locks on a triangle as Lombard bucks him off. The triangle is deep and made more perilous when Magny adds in an arm lock. Lombard goes face down and lays still as Magny bounces at least 20 punches off his head. Magny continues to pound away, even looking up at the ref whilst doing so. 10-7 Magny.

R3: Magny strolls out of his corner and pops Lombard with a clean punch, then gets the Thai plum to throw knees before taking Lombard down. Magny again slices into full mount, applies a mounted triangle and starts drumming hammer-fists off the head of Lombard. The ref steps in.

  • Neil Magny defeats Hector Lombard by TKO (punches) R3 0:46

Johnny Case vs. Jake Matthews

R1: Matthews backs Case off with a ill-intentioned one-two. Case throws a front kick that Matthews catches, but he's unable to convert it into a takedown. Case lands short after Matthews over-commits on a combo. Matthews lands to the body and Case scores with a counter.

Matthews shoots and, with lightning quickness, Case sprawls and reverses him with a whizzer, then smashes down two lefts before Matthews escapes. Lead right from Matthews snaps Case's head back. They trade left hands. Case keeping his left hand at his hip, looking to corkscrew with counter lefts. Matthews drills him with a combo, drawing a smile from Case. Case steps into a hard left that lands upstairs. 10-9 Matthews.

R2: Matthews has a left high kick blocked. Case chases Matthews around the cage instead of cutting him off. Matthews lands a left kick to the ribs and Case winces upon impact. Case ties up and looks for the clinch but Matthews tries a counter whizzer throw, then rolls into a triangle. Case stands up and pulls his head out, landing a sharp right to the face.

Matthews tries to roll out and Case keeps him in the turtle with a rear waist lock. Matthews tries to roll out but Case keeps his hips glued to him, landing in side control, then going back to the ride when Matthews turtles. Matthews gets free and dings Case with a punch. Case answers with a chopping low kick and Matthews hurts him with another left body kick. 10-9 Matthews in a close round.

R3: Case walks Matthews into the corner but can't capitalize. Case lands a left kick to the body. Matthews answers with a right kick to the body, then he drives Case to the fence. Case circles off and separates. Matthews switches to southpaw and flashes two rights to set up another left kick to the body. Case answers back with a left body kick. Matthews tags him with a hook to the liver.

Matthews dings Case with another punch. Case answers with a left upstairs to counter Matthews' kick. Matthews catches another front kick, then lands a knee to the body in the clinch. Now Matthews hops on Case's back and gets one hook in, then gets the other. Matthews gets under the chin for the rear-naked choke and it looks tight. Case slips his head free and Matthews passes to mount, then returns to back control, again cinching on a rear-naked choke. Case taps.

  • Jake Matthews defeats Johnny Case by submission (rear-naked choke) R3 4:45

Antonio Carlos Junior vs. Daniel Kelly

R1: Carlos Junior hits an early double leg and immediately transitions to back control with both hooks in. Now he switches to the body triangle and gets the seat belt to constrict Kelly and maintain position. Quarter nelson from Carlos Junior, who's trying to force Kelly belly-down. Neck crank attempt from Carlos Junior.

It's all Carlos Junior with back control and the body triangle. Kelly turtles briefly but quickly goes back to his butt to hand-fight and protect his neck. Hammer-fists to the head from Carlos Junior, who steps over for an armbar with 15 seconds left. He gets in armbar position but runs out of time. 10-8 Carlos Junior.

R2: Carlos Junior glances with two left hands, then lands two low kicks. Kelly is able to ward off the first takedown attempt of the second round. Jump knee from Carlos Junior lands to the upper chest of Kelly. Consecutive straight lefts from Kelly snap Carlos Junior's head back. Kelly stuffs another takedown. Carlos Junior leads with a left elbow and lands a right cross.

Short left lands for Kelly but it's answered by Carlos Junior. Kelly sprawls on another level change, then moves to his back with a tight waist. Hard rights to the head from Kelly as Carlos Junior hand-fights in the turtle. Carlos Junior hits a takedown and again teleports to back mount with a body triangle. Kelly manages to squirt out and get back to his feet, landing a right on the feet. Carlos Junior drops to his back, eliciting confusion as to his motive (the replay shows he turned an ankle). The ref waves him back up and he lands a sharp combo. 10-9 Kelly.

R3: Kelly opens with a left cross upstairs. Carlos Junior glances with a straight knee to the body but his next knee in the clinch lands below the belt. We pause for the accidental foul but Kelly's ready to go quickly. Short jab from Carlos Junior. Kelly steps into a single leg but can't finish it, but Kelly stuffs a takedown and bull-dozes Carlos Junior over with the front headlock, then unloads a ferocious barrage of right hands. Carlos Junior, leaving a trail of spattered blood on the canvas, tries to roll out and cover, but Kelly is relentless with punches until he gets the finish.

  • Daniel Kelly defeats Antonio Carlos Junior by TKO (punches) R3

Steve Bosse vs. James Te Huna

R1: Te Huna looks for a low kick counter, then uncorks a massive one-two that comes up short. Bosse darts in with a short right to the body, then he steps off-center and sits down on another -- it lands on the jaw and crumples Te Huna to the canvas.

  • Steve Bosse defeats James Te Huna by KO (punch) R1 0:52

Seo Hee Ham vs. Bec Rawlings

R1: Ham, the southpaw, scores first with a one-two. Now a counter left off the back foot for Ham. They trade heavy crosses. Rawlings takes the cue from her corner and lands a jab and a one-two. Ham continues to find the straight left down the middle. Inside low kick from Ham. Another quick left/right combo for Ham, then a counter left, showing good hand speed.

Ham's countering game is on point as she parries a Rawlings jab. Rawlings counters Ham's front kick with a right to the body that knocks her off-balance. Crisp right hand lands for Rawlings. Short left for Ham. They both land in a mutual exchange though the right cross from Rawlings is the most pronounced. More quick, glancing leather from Ham though there's not much on them. Left hook is there for Rawlings. 10-9 Ham

R2: Rawlings finds Ham's chin early. Rawlings backs off and circles out, then comes forward with a barrage of straight punches that land short. Ham with a quick one-two. Rawlings lands a right cross to the chest. Double lefts land for Ham, then a kick that lands clean to the body. Rawlings catches a kick and puts Ham on her back just before the halfway mark.

Ham closes her guard and controls the arms of Rawlings, then goes for a triangle. Rawlings postures up and out of it, then takes Ham's back in the transition. One hook in for Rawlings, now both. Ham spins into Rawlings, who counters with an armbar. Ham escapes, then escapes a second attempt at the arm lock before backing out and separating. Rawlings whiffs on a spinning back-fist, allowing Ham to get the rear waist cinch. Rawlings spins into her and clears space to separate with a knee to the body. 10-9 Rawlings.

R3: Ham glances upstairs and down. Rawlings shoots an oddly desperate takedown, then leaves her arm extended and vulnerable. Ham recognizes it and rolls into an armbar, then switches to a triangle. Rawlings lands knees to the back while locked in the triangle, then she yanks her head free and stands up. Ham hits an ankle-pick sweep and stands up. Ham comes forward and lands a hard knee to the body in the clinch.

Rawlings circles off the fence and Ham lands a knee downstairs. Rawlings with strong head position in the clinch, and she goes for a single leg. Ham stays upright and lands a left to the ribs. Ham uses a knee shield to prevent incoming knees from Rawlings. Rawlings gets the body lock briefly and loses it, but continues to keep Ham on the fence and fight for position. Ham circles off the fence and glances with a knee from the double collar tie, but Rawlings counters with double under-hooks. Knee to the body from Rawlings but it's mostly been positional control on the fence. 10-9 Ham. I have it 29-28 Ham.

  • Bec Rawlings defeats Seo Hee Ham by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)

Fox Prelims
(Fox Sports 1, 8 p.m. ET)

Alan Jouban vs. Brendan O'Reilly

R1: Jouban forces a clinch and puts O'Reilly on the fence, landing a few knees to the body. Slick foot sweep counter from O'Reilly, who immediately transitions to Jouban's back. Jouban spins to face him and regains control with knees in the clinch, then an elbow. Jouban steps back and touches off a nasty succession of lefts and rights, landing three or four and dazing him with at least one. O'Reilly counter-clinches and Jouban bangs a few horizontal elbows off his head, and O'Reilly goes down.

  • Alan Jouban defeats Brendan O'Reilly by TKO (elbows) R1

Mark Eddiva vs. Dan Hooker

R1: Hooker follows a front kick into a clinch but Eddiva shakes him off. Eddiva snaps Hooker's head back with a jab. Hooker throws a high kick that Eddiva catches a high kick and uses it to drive Hooker onto the fence, but Hooker jumps guard with a guillotine. Hooker switches to the high-elbow guillotine with a gable grip and Eddiva drops to his back, frantically trying to peel his head out. Eddiva taps.

  • Daniel Hooker defeats Mark Eddiva by submission (guillotine) R1

Rin Nakai vs. Leslie Smith

R1: Nakai comes out with a high guard, circling left and blocking punches. Smith slips a long left through. Nakai looking uncomfortable from range. Smith wades in with a quick straight right, then a hard left hand. Nakai has one opportunity to clinch but Smith stays upright with an under-hook. Nakai fakes a single and comes high with a left hook that lands hard to the back of the head. Another left hook from Nakai but Smith answers with a tight combination.

Nakai finally holds her ground on a Smith flurry and changes levels, driving Smith into the fence. No dice on Nakai's hip throw and Smith circles off the fence and separates. Nakai lands an outside low kick. Smith answers with a right downstairs. Smith glances with a right hand, then with a left. Nakai slides in for a slick double-leg as the horn sounds. 10-9 Smith.

R2: Smith lands a glancing right and matches Nakai's level to stop the takedown. Another short burst scores for Smith but Nakai gets deep into her hips and takes her down. Nakai steps over into half guard and applies a heavy base. Smith rolls onto her left hip and Nakai threatens to take her back.

Nakai over-hooks an arm and powers Smith to her back. Smith locks her legs around Nakai's head briefly, then tries to cage walk. Nakai switches to an arm-triangle and it looks tight. Smith somehow escapes and scrambles back to her feet, then she drills Nakai with an uppercut. Now a left roundhouse kick to the face from Smith but Nakai takes her back down. Short lefts to the head from Nakai. 10-9 Nakai.

R3: Lead left lands for Smith. Nakai setting up her strikes with fake level changes. Smith glances with a pair of rights, prompting a bull-rush from Nakai, but she's unable to keep Smith in the clinch. Glancing right from Nakai. Nakai lands an uppercut and Smith responds with a sharp one-two, then a left hand off her back foot.

More crisp combos from Smith. Nakai forces a clinch but can't keep ahold of Smith. Nakai ducks her head and charges at Smith, perhaps out of frustration. Smith lands a body shot as Nakai forces a clinch. Nakai hits a hip throw, landing in side control with just over a minute left. Smith goes on her left hip as Nakai applies her heavy base. Short rights from Nakai, then she gets a rear body lock as Smith turtles. 10-9 Smith. I have it 29-28 Smith.

  • Leslie Smith defeats Rin Nakai by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)

Viscardi Andrade vs. Richard Walsh

R1: Andrade holds his ground and heaves a straight meatball down the pocket; it glances but Walsh keeps cornering him aggressively. Andrade digs in and does it again, this time blasting Walsh off his feet with the right hand. Walsh pops back up, apparently recovered. They clinch up briefly, then separate. Andrade now either sticking with what works or becoming predictable with his looping right hand. Walsh steps into a stiff jab and they clinch with Andrade hitting a trip from the body lock.

Full, open guard for Walsh with decent posture control. Andrade postures up to fire a right before basing back down. Wide right lands to the ear of Walsh, then Andrade lands a short one to the ribs. They're stood up with a minute left. They trade right hands as Walsh continues to press forward on the feet. 10-9 Andrade.

R2: Walsh again walks him down, leading with a volley of step-in jabs. Walsh is ready for Andrade's meatball right hand, ducking it and shellacking him with a heavy right. Andrade stumbles to the canvas and Walsh pounces. Andrade sneaks in a hard up-kick from his back, then works back to his back though Walsh tags him with a knee and a one-two. Another heavy step-in jab from Walsh, who's putting his weight behind it nicely.

Andrade, possibly shaking out the cobwebs, looks to clinch, then backpedals out of range. They throw overhand rights simultaneously but Walsh follows with a quick left before putting him on the fence. Andrade circles off and throws a knee but Walsh separates into open space. Another jab for Walsh. Andrade catches a Walsh kick and converts it into a takedown, nearly taking Walsh's back in the transition. Walsh turtles and Andrade moves to the front headlock, looking for a topside guillotine. Walsh hand-fights it and Andrade switches to the ninja choke, and it looks tight. Walsh survives to the bell. 10-9 Walsh.

R3: Walsh shuffles forward, firing jabs and closing with a one-two. Walsh dings Andrade with a right cross and Andrade hits a defensive takedown, and gets it. Walsh sits up and Andrade immediately moves back to guillotine position. Walsh stands up but Andrade snaps his head down, sitting Walsh on his butt. They stalemate in the front headlock to the chagrin of the audience. Now Andrade switches from the front headlock into a D'arce but he's an odd angle. Walsh powers to his feet and separates.

Andrade changes levels and Walsh stuffs it, then catches an Andrade kick and turns it into a single leg. Andrade pops back up to his feet and separates. Andrade ducks under Walsh's volley of jabs and off-balances Walsh for a takedown. Walsh closes his guard and gets strong posture control, muffling most of Andrade's striking attempts. Andrade is able to hold top position but he can't muster any effective offense. 10-9 Walsh. I have it 29-28 Walsh.

  • Viscardi Andrade defeats Richard Walsh by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Fight Pass Prelims
(UFC Fight Pass, 7 p.m. ET)

Chad Laprise vs. Ross Pearson

R1: Pearson comes out flicking jabs and circling left. Laprise targets Pearson's lead leg with a clean outside low kick. Pearson answers with one inside. Laprise steps off-center and glances with an angle jab. Pearson goes back to the low kick, then switches up his punches by leading with a hook. Laprise blocks a body kick, then sneaks in a short right. Pearson with another low kick; Laprise answers with a head kick that's half-blocked.

Quick release jab lands for Pearson. Laprise is warned for extending his hand with open fingers. Pearson attacks the lead leg with a low kick and Laprise's follow-up high kick glances off the top of Pearson's head. Pearson lunges in with a lead hook and finds the mark, then shield blocks a Laprise body kick. Outside low kick for Pearson. Laprise answers with one inside. Laprise lands a two-piece counter off his back foot. Pearson lands a low kick and they close the frame trading 10-9 Pearson in a close one.

R2: Pearson thwacks the inner thigh with an inside low kick. Laprise answers with a right, then glances with an outside low kick. Pearson grazes with a counter left upstairs and Laprise responds in kind. Pearson cracks Laprise with a resounding low kick that echoes throughout the arena. They trade shots in open space. Pearson with an inside low kick, mixing his hands and feet fluently.

Step-off left hook is there for Pearson before blocking a Laprise high kick. They again go tit-for-tat in the pocket. Laprise glances with a counter left. Pearson uncorks a one-two and it lands, then he goes back to the inside low kick. Laprise scores with a jab. Snap jab lands for Pearson, then a left hook and a heavy low kick. Glancing left hook from Pearson. No dice on Laprise's jumping switch kick. Commentator Kenny Florian is speculating that Pearson's lead leg might be injured, and he may be on to something. 10-10.

R3: They quickly resume the same steady pace of high-level exchanges. Pearson lands a jab but a little short, then threads a right hand through the defense of Laprise. Laprise lands a jab and Pearson swats him with a clean right cross. Laprise firing jabs off his back foot while Pearson stalks him with heavier and more dynamic combinations. They both throw and land kicks simultaneously.

Outside low kick lands for Pearson. They trade kicks that glance. Laprise keeping his jab in Pearson's face. Another fast jab from Laprise, who's finding his rhythm late. Glancing high kick for Laprise. Pearson glances with a low kick and then lands another with a loud thud. Laprise with an elbow after a quick tie-up Spinning back elbow from Laprise, then another as Pearson throws a flying knee. Great fight. 10-9 Laprise. I have it a 29-29 draw.

  • Ross Pearson defeats Chad Laprise by split decision (28-30, 30-27, 29-28)

Damien Brown vs. Alan Patrick

R1: Patrick shrinks the gap and hits a single leg. Patrick stabilizes position but Patrick works back to his feet, and Patrick moves to the guillotine. Patrick rolls him with the guillotine and maintains top position, looking to slip his leg out of Brown's closed half guard. A few elbows to the face from Patrick.

Brown clears space with his hips and squirts out, then reverses Patrick when he goes back to the guillotine. Brown postures up in Patrick's half guard and unloads two lefts, but Patrick escapes. Brown changes levels as Patrick rushes him and takes him down. Patrick gets back to his feet and gets away with a few blatant fence-grabs while hitting a switch and separating. Brown tags him with a hard left, then might've gotten stung with a counter from Patrick. Brown falls to his back with a kimura, giving Patrick top position. Patrick clears the danger and looks to pass Brown's half guard. 10-10.

R2: Patrick hits an another early takedown, this time from the body lock, and we're back in Brown's closed half guard. Brown looks for a counter single and Patrick freezes him with a D'arce attempt from the front headlock, then retains top position. Brown swivels for an armbar but Patrick is wise to it. Patrick bases down and looks for arm-triangle position, then bails on it to spiked down two elbows. Brown answers with an even fiercer volley of elbows from his back, getting to full guard and closing it.

Patrick manages to slow the pace and stabilize the slippery Brown, then starts landing some ground-and-pound. More topside control and hammer-fists from Patrick. Brown continues to alternate between trying to shrimp and secure a kimura. Late in the round, Brown angles for an omoplata/armbar combo but Patrick avoids it. 10-9 Patrick.

R3: Patrick ducks a head kick and hits a takedown, then nullifies Brown's attempt at a triangle. Side mount with a leg cradled for Patrick, and Brown again pursues a counter single. This time Brown scampers behind him and threatens to take his back, then gets in arm-triangle position. Brown defends but gives up his back in the process. Brown spins into Patrick, giving him side control. Brown with a body lock as Patrick's in side control, then Patrick takes his back.

Brown turtles and stands up but keeps both hands on the mat to prohibit Silva from throwing knees to the head. Patrick opts for a few short rights instead. Brown gets in kimura position and it's a futile attempt that forces Silva to defend from the top, and the crowd doesn't like the brief stalemate. Brown finally escapes and separates, then starts winging heavy punches and high kicks in the final minute. Patrick hits a takedown with 30 seconds left but eats a hard step-in knee to the gut in the process. 10-9 Patrick. I have it 30-28 Patrick.

  • Alan Patrick defeats Damien Brown by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 30-26)