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The MMA Prospectus: UFC Brisbane, Brazil & Poland talent

Zane Simon & T.P. Grant are back to talk about all the young rising talent out there in the world of MMA. We're looking at Jake Matthews and Antonio Carlos Jr. in Brisbane this week and then turning our eyes to Adriano Moraes in One FC, Gabriel Macario, Sebastian Kotwica a few others on the Brazilian and Polish MMA scenes.

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Even with a UFC event this week, it's not a big week for UFC prospects. Jake Matthews and Antonio Carlos Junior are about the only young fighters really worth paying attention to on a card that is otherwise geared especially toward regional talent (and watching them get beat up). So, we're back looking at the regional MMA scene and more particularly this week at Poland and Brazil where a number of interesting prospects are taking fights. The biggest non-UFC name talent this week is probably Adriano Moraes over in ONE FC, but we're pretty interested in Gabriel Macario, Sebastian Kotwica, and several other fighters, so take a listen.

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