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Werdum calls McGregor a 'prostitute', says he would 'hit him with a chair' if disrespected

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Fabricio Werdum is about done with Conor McGregor's antics and vows to act like a 'thug' if McGregor ever does anything disrespectful in front of him. He would also welcome a superfight with Jon Jones after his match with Stipe Miocic on May 14.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Fabricio Werdum does not take kindly to Conor McGregor's shenanigans.  Still stewing about the time during the MMA Awards when McGregor teased him, the current UFC heavyweight champion told Combate that he has had enough of him.

In fact, Werdum said that if McGregor tried to pull the same stunt he did with Jose Aldo, when he snatched Aldo's belt during a press conference, he would hit him with a chair.

"If we're even in the same place, I don't want him saying anything to me or trying to do anything to me. I won't just stand there.  I'm not going to taunt him, but if he does, I will hit him with a chair, for real. If he tries to snatch my belt, I would first have a go at Dana White. I would go crazy, like a thug. In a staredown, you never touch your opponent. Everything is already so tense and the guy goes and touches you?

"Conor started out well, but then he went over the line, he started talking about Jesus. He just looks like a clown. In Brazil, we call them prostitutes, because they  do anything for money. He's a sellout. Of course it's important to fight for money, but that guy will sell out for anything. I wouldn't doubt he would sell out his ass. I wouldn't do it."

But speaking about his career, Werdum told Combate he also welcomes a superfight with Jon Jones if the former light heavyweight champion ever decides to go up a weight class.

"I always say Jon Jones has always been a heavyweight. He's my height and weighs about 235 pounds when he's not training. I always saw him as a heavyweight who cuts weight. I think it's a great fight. I must focus on Miocic first and then think about Jones. I want to win that first, then I think about Jon Jones."

Fabricio Werdum is expected to take on Stipe Miocic in the main event of UFC 198, in Curitiba, Brazil, on May 14. The event will be held at a soccer stadium with a capacity for over 40 thousand people.